Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Biscuits Stadium

Today we met at Montgomery Riverwalk Stadium to discuss environmental issues with Mr. Ken Groves. Mr. Groves works for the planning commission and headed the development of the stadium. His team encountered an underground plum of PCE, a toxic chemical. Even though the city was not responsible for its release, it now wished to develop a site over the plume and thus had to spend more money and work closely with ADEM to mitigate any spread or release of the toxin in to the water table. Mr. Groves made it very clear that working with the EPA and ADEM reaped greater results than trying to avoid the issue.

We now know that if any environmental issues are found we need to contact these two agencies. We may have to conduct lengthy tests and costly cleanup procedures. If this issues present themselves, we will need to make the determination of whether it is worth purchasing the property at all.

We will conduct further research into these issues over the weekend and present our findings to you next week.

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