Saturday, October 31, 2009

Meeting at the Loft

We met Wednesday at the A&P Lofts to discuss how zoning density can work. We toured the award winning property and saw examples of how people can work and live in the same space. We discussed how a development can work with the city and obtain the variances needed to make a project work if all of your homework is done. The importance of having a complete plan before going to the city is imperative. We also discussed the importance of getting the local community on your side before you go forward with a project. Community support can go a long way in helping make your project successful. The final thing that we went over was how to organize the structure of the development whether develop the property as a condominium or to parcel the development out as individual fee simple units. We are looking forward to our presentation Monday regarding the demolition and/or moving of an existing structure.

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