Sunday, November 22, 2009

Potential Legal Issues at the Alley

Just a quick note about some of the potential legal issues that we spotted at the Alley for your potential new business site. In an effort to help you make a well informed decision on this property, we also included some other issues that should be of interest to you. See below for the partial list of legal issues/considerations - we have also sent you a more detailed list via email and postal mail. Since it is a holiday week, we wanted to be sure that you have ample access to the information we have provided for you. Again, we enjoyed the informative tour of the Alley, and will see you next week at the Waters. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

Potential Legal Issues:

  • Building Maintenance: who is responsible for general building repairs? Is there an agreement between building owners? This issue will need to be resolved before purchase of the building (or signing lease agreement)?
  • Are there any additional restrictions on the use of the property - given the current neighboring businesses? (Specifically, the Children's Museum).
  • Are there limits to the use of live music, smells, noise, hours of operation, etc due to the residential units above the future site?
  • If using private donations to fund the project: need to make sure that all finances are properly in place and all SEC regulations are satisfied before proceeding with construction.
  • Security - are individual business owners required to provide a certain amount of security - even though a police sub-station is nearby.
  • Will we need a variance for any changes to the property - maybe extending sidewalk, create a parking/loading zone, etc?
  • We need to have an environmental inspection to ensure that there aren't any environmental concerns as a result of the previous use of the building that is available - or previous use of neighboring buildings. (Train did come through the alley!)
  • There is an existing franchise agreement in the Alley: Will that affect your new business? We may need to train servers to police alcohol entering and exiting the premises - by using unique cups, wristbands, etc.
  • Historical Concerns - If you plan to make any changes to the building that will create some historical issues, we will need to have these resolved with local and federal entities.

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